1. We'll provide a free assessment of the market value of your boat.

  2. We'll coach you regarding the proper pricing strategy and necessary improvements for best return.

  3. We'll take dozens of professional photos and choose those that best represent your boat.

  4. We'll provide detailed and accurate copywriting for your ads.

  5. Your boat will be advertised on all of the major marine retailing websites, and even alternative sites, such as Craigslist, Forums and eBay, if it is consistent with your marketing strategy.

  6. We encourage co-brokerage opportunities with outside firms.

  7. You will benefit from our central position in a large network of brokerage firms that have come to trust and depend on the wholesale arm of our business.

  8. We'll supervise the entire contract, survey and closing process.


  1. We'll assess the wholesale value of your boat.

  2. In most cases, we'll require a sea trial and survey.

  3. We'll run an abstract of title.

  4. We'll close quickly via wire transfer of funds.

  5. You'll stop paying for storage, maintenance, insurance, and, in many cases, a bank note.

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