2016 World Cat - Glacier Bay

Model: Glacier Bay

Year: 2016

Price: US $142,895.00

Engines: 2 Yamaha F150XB

Total Power: 150 HP

Fuel: Gas/Petrol

Beam: 8' 9"

he 2770 holds true to the Legacy of Glacier Bay Boats.  While its twin hull design helps eliminate the slamming and pounding of mono hulls, it also has the rugged construction that allowed Glacier Bay boats to tackle the toughest waters from the South Pacific to the Bering Strait. Of course, it's ideal for your home waters too.  In fact, the 2770 is simply the smoothest riding cabin boat in its class.  Beautifully appointed, its an ideal choice for overnighting, cruising the harbor, exploring the islands, or just entertaining at the dock.  Loaded with performance and quality feature, the 2770 gives you the confidence to go where ever you want to go, in virtually any conditions. For more information please call Buzzy.

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